Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

As you will be well aware, if you are reading this short report, erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is a problem that is characterized by an inability to develop or maintain an erection in order to achieve satisfactory intercourse.

In general the condition is the result of either physical or psychological factors or in some cases a combination of both. For example if you are experiencing stress or fear for whatever reason then this can have an impact on your physical ability to get an erection. It is very common for men to feel under pressure to perform well sexually, either from themselves or from their partner, and this ‘performance anxiety’ can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that makes the problem even worse.

Under normal conditions the male sex function is a straightforward combination of various nervous, circulatory and hormone systems interacting with each other over which you have no conscious control.

Stage 1

This phase is when the whole thing kicks off and is often referred to as sex drive or libido. It is the wish to engage in sexual activity because you feel stimulated either by sights, words or thoughts. Most men are familiar with that feeling you get when you see an attractive girl walking down the street!

Stage 2

This is where the physical body comes into play. As you become excited in Stage 1 blood flow to the penis automatically increases. For a man to achieve a firm erection two things have to happen: firstly the muscles in the spongy part of the penis (known as the corpora cavernosa) must relax to enable an inflow of blood into this area which is what makes the penis expand and go hard; then, in order to maintain this a different set of muscles must contract to stop the additional blood leaving the spongy tissues.

Stage 3

The final part of the process is known as the climax or orgasm. In men this results in a series of contractions of the pelvic muscles which is then followed by a release of muscle tension and the ejaculation of semen. Although in fact an orgasm and ejaculation are technically two different things even though they happen almost simultaneously. For example, ejaculation can occur without orgasm and if you happen to be taking anti-depressants then you can experience an orgasm without actually ejaculating.

Regardless of what age you are it is very common for men to experience erectile dysfunction (or impotence) at some stage in their lives. So if you are having difficulty in achieving an erection then don’t think that this is something to be ashamed of, it is actually much more common than most people realize.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

 As noted, ED is caused by either physical or psychological factors which can include the following.

1. Psychological – It is generally considered that around 20% of cases of impotence are caused by psychological factors the most common of which include anxiety, work stress or strained relationships. Less common reasons may also include past sexual trauma, sex abuse and suppressed sexual feelings.

2. Neurogenic problems – This occurs when there is damage to the nervous system following diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or pelvic trauma and surgery.

3. Hormonal and Vascular problems – Hormonal therapies used to treat things such as prostate cancer or high blood pressure and diabetes can be responsible for vascular impairment.

4. Drugs and alcohol – It might sound obvious but excessive use of street drugs or alcohol can easily lead to decreased erectile function as can the use of certain anti-depressants and other drugs that interfere with neuro-transmitter levels.

Luckily, erectile dysfunction in young men is most likely to be a consequence of psychological factors and for that reason is easily treated via a number of well documented and proven techniques including therapy and other non-drug treatments that help increase blood flow to the penis.

Conventional Treatment Options

Drug Treatments

Drug treatments for ED fall into 2 main categories: hormone replacement therapy and natural viagra.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and once you reach the age of 30 production rates of the hormone start to drop. In some cases men may have a low level of testosterone for different reasons.

It is possible, although expensive, to undertake a course of testosterone replacement therapy including pills, patches, topical creams, and injections. However, apart from the cost there are other potential side effects such as liver dysfunction, increased red blood cell counts, increase risk of stroke and enlargement of the prostate. The last one is something of a problem as Testosterone can make prostate cancers grow, so testosterone replacement therapy could cause an unnoticed prostate cancer to produce symptoms or become lethal.

The other more well known drug therapy is the use of Sildenafil-type drugs (Viagara) which you take orally about 30 minutes or so before you have sex. Whilst these drugs are effective in the short term they are expensive and they also mean that you have to plan you sex life and there is no room for spontaneity. Furthermore, there can be a number of unpleasant side effects and they fail to solve the underlying cause of the problem. However, drugs remain a common choice because men are often too embarrassed to seek help and good marketing has made us all aware of the medication choices available.

One particularly awkward side effect of these pills is a condition called Priapism whereby you are left with a permanent and painful erection. To relieve Priapism you might need medical attention and the injection of drugs directly into the penis.

Testosterone Boosters: The Best Ways To Boost Low Testosterone

As our testosterone levels drop we begin to show physical and psychological symptoms. We can lose libido, become depressed, or experience muscle and stamina loss. These symptoms alone can be very troubling alone, but they are some of the many symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. Hair loss and depression aside, people with lower testosterone levels show an increased risk to heart disease.

How to Combat Low Testosterone Levels

There are many things that can be done to fight this condition. One such method is to eat healthy and get vigorous exercise. That tip is a very handy tool to boost you testosterone levels, but what if you have let it get too far, and you just don’t have the energy to get out and get fit, or you are getting older, then there are steps you can take to increase your testosterone levels naturally and synthetically.

The Natural Way

best testosterone boostersThere are many products, offered by reputable companies that will naturally boost your testosterone levels. They can be gotten over the counter, and are relatively inexpensive. The side effects are mild and the results are usually immediate. These products can come in the form of a pill, powder or patch. These deliver the hormone in a steadily regulated stream into your body producing a since of euphoria and well-being.

Testosterone boosters

There are a number of different treatments for low testosterone. Low testosterone treatments include testosterone gels, testosterone injections, testosterone boosters, testosterone creams and testosterone pellets. The majority of these treatments require a visit to the doctor and blood work to verify that you actually have low testosterone. You can then receive a prescription for whichever method is determined to be best for you. One of the methods that does not require a trip to the doctor or prescription is testosterone boosters. Using natural testosterone supplements to increase your testosterone levels has proven to be a safe, yet effective, way to increase your testosterone.

By using these natural testosterone boosters, your body will receive nutrients it needs that will in turn cause it to produce higher levels of testosterone. Each supplement we recommend has been reviewed to verify the ingredients will actually help you to increase testosterone. Read more about the best testosterone boosters and supplements on the market –

What can you do to improve the situation?

Well, testosterone replacement therapy with the use of medications is able to help. But the men also aspire to find supplements that will help increase testosterone naturally. And here testosterone pills come to the rescue. These boosters contain natural ingredients that stimulate testosterone production in the man’s body.

Testosterone boosters offer a safe way to have strong muscles, increase overall strength, and regain sexual vigor. I highly recommend to read review about the best natural testosterone supplements.

The best part about our testosterone boosting pills is that there is no risk. All of the testosterone booster supplements we have reviewed come with a 100% money back guarantee. If they don’t work for you for any reason, you can return them for a full refund. No questions asked. If you’re suffering any of the symptoms of low testosterone, try out one of the testosterone supplements we recommend; they are one of the best low testosterone treatments.

Ask Your Doctor

testosterone supplementsThe other approach is to go see a physician (which we recommend you do anyways to determine your hormone levels). They will run a few chemical tests to determine your current hormone levels. In most cases if they are found to be low, and you doctor know what he is talking about, they can prescribe you synthetic hormone replacement. It can come in a pill, patch or shot. Theses shots usually last 2 to 3 weeks. Shots can cause problems though. Like all medical procedures there is a risk of infection or other complication. Also, they cause spikes and dips in your testosterone levels, which aren’t natural and can make patients feel uncomfortable and moody.

Testosterone risks

Testosterone supplements can be a great help to overall health regimen, but be careful. Abuse can lead to some pretty nasty side effects. Rage, facial hair, deepening voice; these are just some of the lesser problems associated with abuse. If you already have prostate cancer, please be careful, testosterone supplements may cause it to become malignant or grow rapidly. If used responsibly and with doctor’s oversight, you should experience none of these problems, and the risk is defiantly worth the reward of a healthier, happier you!

If you’ve become moody, depressed, lost some of your physical abilities, lost height, and/or lost some of your sex drive, perhaps it’s time to see your doctor. Unless there is some other reasonable explanation, low testosterone levels may be your problem. Only you, with your doctor’s aid, can make this diagnosis.

How to Raise Testosterone Levels

If you’ve become moody, depressed, lost some of your physical abilities, lost height, and/or lost some of your sex drive, perhaps it’s time to see your doctor. Unless there is some other reasonable explanation, low testosterone levels may be your problem. Only you, with your doctor’s aid, can make this diagnosis.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with this problem, how can you raise testosterone levels? There are plenty of methods, most legal, some illegal. Illegal ways to raise testosterone levels mostly have to do with anabolic steroids and the injection of hormones, both of which can only be used with doctor’s permission.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of methods of legally raising levels. Some require doctor’s prescriptions, while others can be done with natural methods and ingredients.

Elevated Testosterone Level

Before we get into ways of raising testosterone levels, what are the risks ( of having too much testosterone? There are a few conditions to worry about.

The most well known side effect of high testosterone levels is rage. Some may refer to it as “roid rage.” Men with elevated testosterone levels are more likely to engage in risky behaviors. They may feel invincible. They might participate in activities that are likely to result in injury, smoke, drink, and take unnecessary risks.

Some dated studies have shown that men with elevated testosterone levels may be at a greater risk for prostate cancer and may experience weight gain. New research is indicating that is not the case. In fact, just ask yourself how many young men have prostate cancer. Thirty something year old men do not get prostate cancer and that is when men have high levels of the male hormone.

Women can suffer from negative side effects too. Women may experience excessive body hair growth, deepening of voice, acne, increased muscle mass, basically all the traits that make men more masculine. Women that had elevated testosterone levels while pregnant may give birth to underweight babies.

Despite these moderate risks, there are many great benefits to raising testosterone levels.

What Does Testosterone Do For Your Body?

People have heard about the various functions of testosterone for long time, but it’s always good to have an accurate overview. The short answer to what does testosterone do for the body, is to have a direct impact on increasing sex drive, body and facial hair, the deepness or relaxation of the vocal cords, tendencies to get angry or aggressive, and attitudes such as drive or determination. The hormone makes it much easier to exercise proactive and physical actions and stay motivated while doing so. Testosterone also tends to have staying power in the body so long as a person keeps themselves in the mood that triggered by the rise of the hormone.

What Does Testosterone Do?

If you fight its action, for example, by not getting into the sex urge over time, the hormone level will either decline or go down to a maintenance level. Those wondering what does testosterone do need only look at successful bodybuilders or other athletes to understand that it is about the most active anabolic hormone in the human body. It is extremely easy to manipulate the the purposes of building large, or even absurd amounts of lean muscle mass when one devotes oneself to a diet and exercise program for that purpose. It should go without saying that various products have also been developed to increase the sex drive, based on stimulating testosterone production.

The question of what does testosterone do for the body has negative aspects, if the hormone is secreted in excess. When the body senses too much active testosterone in the body it may convert the extra hormone into DHT, leading to possible problems with baldness or prostrate problems. The body may even turn excess testosterone into estrogen, may lead to odd side effects and visual anomalies (for example, the dreaded “man boobs”). It’s best to only stimulate testosterone within the natural range your body can tolerate, using gentle agents – herbs or certain minerals such as zinc – to manage natural elevation of the hormone in your body.

Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Are you looking for the best testosterone booster supplements that really work?

Have you faced the symptoms of testosterone deficiency?


The High Price of Low Testosterone

Why would a man need testosterone boosters?

Testosterone (T) is the main male hormone that makes a man a real man. It controls almost all organ systems of the body influencing not only the way of thinking, but also the men’s creativity, vigor, and behavior pattern.

Muscle growth, strength, self-confidence, ingenuity, and speed of thinking (even in the most unconventional situation) are possible due to the work of this hormone.

In addition, testosterone plays a crucial role in a sex life of any man since it guides the process of sexual attraction to sex partner.

However, the hormone regulates all these functions only when its levels are normal. But with age, T levels go down. That’s why men are afraid of the aging process no less than women. And the reasons are very compelling. Thus, none of the men wants to have flabby muscles and be weak.

Moreover, and this is the most horrible thing, everyone is appalled by the very thought of ​​being a loser in bedroom. Therefore, it’s extremely significant to detect testosterone decrease timely in order to solve this problem successfully.

When exactly do the hormone levels decrease? Most often, the reduction mechanism is triggered after age 30. Still, young guys shouldn’t relax and let the situation run its course. The reality is that, due to certain factors, the low testosterone levels in a young man are rapidly becoming a problem.

These factors include lifestyle, diseases, zinc deficiency, bad habits, stress, and genetic disposition. Furthermore, usually, the testosterone levels in men with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease) are 10-15% lower than the testosterone levels in healthy men of the same age. And this also applies to men under 30.

Now the mass media and the Internet are full of advertisements of various natural testosterone pills. Of course, advertisements offer prospects of grandiose results and sound very auspicious. But is this really the case? And how can you not to get lost in a diversity of options? We want to assist you in fulfilling this difficult task. That’s why we would like to draw your attention to 4 testosterone support products which have already proven themselves as reliable and effective testosterone boosters. Let’s consider them now.

 Mechanical Devices

Mechanical devices can include bands, rings and vacuum devices. These remedies are quite cheap and can be effective if you use them properly. Essentially they work by stopping the blood from leaving the penis and thereby sustaining your erection. Needless to say the main drawback with these devices is the awkwardness of using them, particularly in front of a partner.


In some extreme cases a person my resort to surgery to address the problem. Clearly this is an extreme not to mention expensive measure and is usually only taken as a last resort. The most regular operations include vascular surgery, penile implants and arterial surgery.


For ED in young men therapeutic solutions can be particularly effective especially when combined with some of the natural remedies in the next chapter.

Alternative Treatment Options

 There are a great number of alternative and natural treatment options that can have a powerful impact in curing you of your erectile dysfunction. However, there are also a load of charlatans making crazy claims about the power of their latest ‘discovery’ so tread carefully in this area.

You will probably be familiar with many of the different alternative practitioners that have sprung up in recent years. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of treatment.

–     Acupuncture

–     Aromatherapy

–     Ayurveda

–     Flower Remedies

–     Herbal Therapy

–     Homeopathy

–     Meditation

–     Naturopathy

–     Reflexology

–     Vitamin Therapy

–     Yoga

To be honest, despite what you might read there is little evidence to think that many of these methods will help you with impotence.

Out of the above list the most useful therapies are those that either help increase the flow of blood to the penis and those that help with stress relief, particularly if you believe that your problem may be more due to psychological issues.

Remove Stress

 I think that you will be aware by now that the problem of ED in younger men is more likely to be a result of a psychological issue rather than as a consequence of hormone or other physical problems which tend to affect older men.

For example, if you are suffering from depression then a program of medication and psychotherapy can be very effective. However, the truth is that a lot of ED is due to anxiety about your sexual performance or even issues such as penis size. This is actually very good news, because these things are easy to fix!

The whole subject of penis enlargement has got a very bad press in recent years due to the never ending email spam that you probably get in your inbox. This is a pity because there are a few genuine products that have helped thousands of men significantly improve their penis size. Whether you believe that this is part of your problem or not take a minute to check out the video on the following link its pretty amazing. I have used this product myself even though my wife says my size was fine, I still wanted to grow my Tool for my own mental confidence. But after reading this article from the Mayo Clinic I decided to focus on the strength of my erection than it’s size. 

Committed Relationships

 If you are in a committed relationship and struggling with ED then these two aids will definitely help you but you should also research an approach called the “Sensate Focus Technique”. This famous therapy is designed to help couples experiencing psychological problems and is often used in the treatment of decreased libido, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder and erectile dysfunction (impotence).

The technique has three steps.

The first step is focused on becoming aware of the power of simple touching and how it can trigger sexual arousal. Each partner takes turns touching each other, but avoiding touching the genitals.

During the second step, partners are allowed to touch more intimate areas but the focus is still on the sensation of touching. Intercourse is not permitted.

Lastly you increase the touching which eventually leads to intercourse.


As you can see erectile dysfunction can come in many different forms and there are a number of different ways in treating the problem. That said, many of the more traditional solutions are either very expensive or come with a host of less desirable side effects.

In my short guide I hope that you have found some tips that will help you solve this most embarrassing not to mention frustrating problem. Despite all the junk out there online there is help at hand and there is NO REASON why you can’t be ‘back in the saddle’ within a few days if you follow some of the suggestions in this report.

In particular I suggest that you take some time to read what people are saying about reprogramming your brain to eradicate your ED using The Mental Impotance Healer audio program; and if you truly believe that a bigger penis will improve your confidence try shaving your pubic hair first, it might be all you need.

BUT whatever you decide to do, just take action! You know the expression

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten”

It doesn’t matter what problem in your life that you are trying to fix, action really is the magic word.

To your very best health,

Forskolin as ED treatment

It’s widely known that Forskolin can be an auxiliary herbal remedy for curing impotence. And the science backs this evidence. Thus, the study has proven that intracavernous injections of Forskolin into the cavernous body of the penis have a very beneficial influence on the erectile function in men. During the study, 31 patient with erectile dysfunction received Forskolin treatment in the form of penile injections. Forskolin was combined with different vasoactive drugs, including prostaglandin E1, papaverine, and the others. These penile injections with the use of Forskolin led to the relaxation of the penile smooth muscle. Due to this effect of the injections, the participants managed to attain and sustain strong, long-lasting erections that enabled the men to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. In addition, the injections gave the quick effect. By the way, 61% of the participants experienced a substantial erectile function enhancement. So, it’s obvious that Forskolin is really an effective tool to boost the erection hardness in a natural way. Moreover, this impotence treatment method didn’t cause any adverse effects. Therefore, Forskolin can be considered a safe cure to combat impotence issue. Also, it can be a natural alternative to the synthetic medications since these medications used for the penile injections often cause various adverse effects dangerous for the men’s health.
Numerous Forskolin reviews mention the ability of this substance to treat impotence. Thus, in these reviews, the men describe their impressions of this substance use and state that it helped them to change the sex life for better. is also a reliable place where you will find the most relevant Forskolin review on ED-fixing potential of this chemical compound.

The Best Diet Pills: What Are the Options?

Basically there are only two ways to speed up the body’s metabolism and that is to either begin exercising aerobically or taking diet pills. Both exercising aerobically and the taking of diet pills will cause the body’s metabolism to speed up which in turn will cause more calories of fat to be burned. These two completely different ways to speed up the body’s metabolism are equally effective even though exercising aerobically takes effort and the taking of diet pills does not unless of course you consider buying and swallowing to be effort. Weight loss pills from Are they safe and do they work?

Exercising aerobically includes any type of exercise that will increase respiration as well as heart rate and Phen375 diet pills are supplements that contain stimulants within. The key to getting results from exercising aerobically is to make sure and perform them for extended periods of time such as 45 minutes to one hour and the key to getting results from diet pills is to make sure and take them. The most common forms of exercising aerobically include bicycle riding, hiking, walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing, etc. and the most common ingredients found in diet pills include ephedrine, ephedra and ma huang.

Many people find it to be much more convenient to burn body fat tissue by taking stimulants such as the best diet pills rather than by exercising aerobically. This based on the fact that it is not only easier but also less time consuming to swallow a couple of diet pills each day as opposed to exercising aerobically for 45 minutes to an hour. Convenience aside the biggest difference between these two different metabolism boosters is that exercising aerobically will strengthen the heart and lungs as well as contribute to overall good health whereas diet pills are known to cause strokes, heart attacks, hypertension not to mention they can completely shut down the body’s natural metabolism for life.

Whether a person decides to speed up his or her metabolism naturally by exercising aerobically or unnaturally by taking diet pills is of little importance as the key to burning body fat tissue comes down to proper nutrition. Without proper nutritional habits all of the exercising in the world or the taking of diet pills will do little to change the look of one’s body. In other words, both exercising aerobically and the taking of diet pills are nothing more than supplements to healthy eating habits as little results will be possible if one continues to consume the same unhealthy foods that made him or her fat in the first place.

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