Are Liquid Vitamins Better Than Pills?

Many people know already the importance of vitamins inside a healthy life, this is why they supplement their imbalanced diets with pills or capsules that provide them the necessary daily intake of these vitamins. Apart from this form under which these vitamins exist, there is also the liquid form which many people consider more common for babies and children use. In fact, liquid vitamins are proved to work better in the desired effect than the pill and capsule counterpart making this liquid form be highly recommended.
Let’s see why this form is considered better than the others:
* The first thing that you should know about the liquid form is that this doesn’t need binders to hold the molecules or agents that aid in breaking the molecules up. They are free from artificial colors and other additives that can be harmful for health.
* Another thing is that this texture of vitamin is easier to swallow as compared to pills that are too large for being easily swallowed.
* People suffering with their digestive ability or older people can benefit from liquid vitamins that are made with a reduced surface tension resulting in easy assimilation.
* Liquid vitamins are made with a well-balanced formula comprising the multiple vitamins that are needed for a daily dose. There is a good rate of both vitamins and minerals that should be taken while being mixed in water or any fruit juice to make the experience more pleasant. In this way you can take your needed portion of nutrients with each day.
* Many vitamin pills come in well known brands that are very costly thus people ending up paying more for the brand than for what is inside. Physicians all agree that only an amount of 10 to 20% of the vitamin pills is able to be absorbed within the body while the rest being water soluble are flushed away.
But with the liquid vitamins 98% of the nutrients coming with the vitamins are immediately absorbed by the body. If you see this from the monetary perspective you can say that out of $100 spent for vitamin pills you benefit only from $20 worth vitamins, the rest is simply flushed away. You can find good quality liquid vitamins at the price of $40 per bottle and last you for one month. If you convert this to pills, you will end up paying $300.
* Liquid vitamins are produced with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants in a balanced ratio. This fact makes them be maximally absorbed while a very insignificant amount is wasted.
Now that you have been given these facts regarding the intake of liquid vitamins, wouldn’t you agree that is way better to buy it rather than the pill and capsule form? In case you and your kids are on vitamin pills it is better to reconsider this and switch to liquid version.

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