Boosting Your Energy with Vitamins Intake

Certain vitamins are necessary to increase the level of energy within our body system, this is the reason why many athletes resort to multi vitamin supplements that will help them be energetic throughout their training routine. But this energy is a must for our everyday existence, an energy that is provided by the help of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain leading as such to a healthy activity that is run on daily basis.

One thing that many people do not know is that the presence of iron is the one that increases the level of oxygen, and this iron is better absorbed when vitamin C is present within your stomach. Consuming eggs, meat, vegetables and supplements will allow your body to obtain the required amount of iron as long as the levels of vitamin C are satisfied.

Another vitamin that is important in helping red blood cells to carry oxygen to the brain is vitamin B12. This is in perfect relationship with the presence of folic acid and together will form red blood cells that further will convert the carbs and fats from our food into energy. Presenting fatigue is a symptom of vitamin B deficiency, this is why many people resort to being injected with B12 although it requires the medical advice when considering supplementing the diet with any of vitamin B complex.

Also a medical check will be required for the folic acid presence since both this one and vitamin B12 deficiencies come with the same symptoms of fatigue along with depression, dizziness, confusion and pale skin.

Presenting magnesium deficiency will lead to cramps in muscles, irritability, high blood pressure and fatigue. The presence of magnesium in the body system helps with the producing of Adenosine Tri Phosphate – ATP which is responsible with body’s metabolism. Magnesium can be easily lost through the consumption of alcohol, antibiotics or anything that leads to more urine being eliminated. The hair test will help with detecting magnesium deficiency although not many doctors run this type of test. Instead they recommend patients with taking magnesium and afterwards monitor the symptoms.

With the consumption we can as well gain energy as long as the food has the necessary intake of vitamins, otherwise the by-products generated by an imbalanced diet may let free radicals loose. At this point the body may get inflamed, present symptoms of fatigue and damages at cellular level which further lead to several health conditions.

Taking vitamin C will help the other vitamins perform better their role along with the fact that this one can act as an antioxidant cleaning your body from the harmful presence of free radicals. If you present symptoms of constant fatigue consult your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements. One more tip: consider selecting those vitamins that come in a the most absorbable form to make sure of their immediate beneficial effect.

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