Two Reasons Why You Need Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are an important part of just about any diet since few diets. Even in areas like Macao and Latin America where people are very healthy, almost no native diets are able to give people all the vitamins they need. For example, while Eskimo and Scandinavian diets are rich in vitamin D because of the vast amounts of fish that both cultures consume, both of their diets are low in vitamins that are commonly found in many types of plants. This means that people from Alaska, the Canadian north, and Scandinavia who eat these diets need to be especially careful with their vitamin consumption. Generally, the easiest way is to take vitamin supplements for your diet, and here are some reasons why:

Reason #1: Anti-oxidants

Many vitamins serve as anti-oxidants, including vitamin E. Anti-oxidant are important because they help keep your skin firm and healthy. In this way, vitamin E can be used like an anti-aging cream but it actually works. It works because it prevents your cells from making errors when they duplicate themselves, which also goes a long way in helping to prevent cancer. Not only that, but anti-oxidants are very useful for when you want to prevent heart disease. People who eat foods with lots of anti-oxidants in them, such as fruits and vegetables, are much more less likely to have heart disease at some point in their life than people who do not. It is possible that this is due to a causation versus correlation fallacy but this is unlikely; people who eat vitamin supplements every day are much healthier than people who do not eat vitamins every day.

Reason #2: Healthy eyes

Humans are primarily visual animals, which means that our eyesight is our most important sense that we use to acquire food and perceive our world. Yes, our sense of touch is important too (we have lots of nerve endings on our fingertips), and we would often die due to not noticing out injuries if we did not have it. The sense of touch is used in this way for our own bodies to give us feedback. We use our eyes for this too, but their primary purpose is to perceive our environment.
However, like many other things, our eyes need vitamins to function properly. The main vitamin they need is vitamin A. If you do not have enough vitamin A, it is very likely that you will suffer from being blind when it is dark because your eyes will not be able to produce the chemicals necessary to increase your eyes’ ability to perceive light that they receive (your photoreceptors will not overcompensate for the lack of light during the night time). As a result, make sure to put vitamin A in any supplement that you take, or take vitamin A supplements by themselves, because vitamin A is key to obtaining and maintaining healthy vision.

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