Vitamin B Explained

Vitamin B comes as a complex of vitamins, each one of them having its own importance in the well functioning of the body. This is the reason why one can take individual types of vitamins B or can as well have them together in what we know as being vitamin B complex. But to understand their role we should be more edified on how vitamins are grouped like. In terms of solubility, vitamins range in two types: water soluble and fat soluble.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are known as fat soluble ones being absorbed with the help of good fats called lipids. Further on they are stored in fat and liver and from there they are slowly eliminated; much slower than the water soluble vitamins. This is why it is recommended for these vitamins to be taken in cautious doses.

As to the water soluble vitamins – B and C – they are easily dissolved in water making them be much easier eliminated from the body through urine. Due to this fact, there is always the need of replacing them on daily doses through both foods and supplements. Nowadays, with the foods that we consume, there is an increased need of supplementing it with vitamin supplements. Because food is often processed by cooking it tends to lose its nutritional value, thus making a necessity an extra intake of vitamins from other sources. The foods that are rich in vitamin B are: animal by-products, meat, vegetables and grains.

One should also know the benefits that vitamin B brings to our body system, the main ones being improved metabolism and increased energy. It can help in PMS syndromes, relieving also the stress. What one can see happening more often with this vitamin is its administration with many of the conditions people suffer from. For instance, diseases like depression, heart conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, fatigue and many other more contain in their prescriptions the administration of vitamin B.

Vitamin B complex 50 is known to be the basic and complete form under which this vitamin is taken. But one can find it most of the times within multi vitamin supplements in a dosage that is generally applied for most people. We find also vitamin B 100 which contains mostly the same combination of a B 50 complex but is designed in higher dosage and given to people who present serious deficiencies of this vitamin. The correctly absorption of vitamin B can be hindered with people having the habits of smoking and drinking.

Many people lack vitamin B although the needed dosage of this vitamin can end up in being eliminated through urine, since vitamin B is a water soluble one. There are rare cases of overdoing with this vitamin, however it is recommended to always check with your doctor to monitor your evolution when taking the vitamin B complex.

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