Why Should You Supplement Your Diet With Vitamins

Many people think that they eat healthfully, but as I pointed out in an article on this website that I wrote a few weeks ago about the benefits of vitamin supplements, the truth is that many people actually have diets which are very unhealthy not just for a modern lifestyle but for humans in general. On top of that, people think that the diets that people ate when we lived in the wild were in fact better for us than the diets that we eat now, but this also is not always true. Though there are exceptions, many of these diets are not high in nutrients and are very bland.

One of my employees recently had a Slavic dinner for Christmas at his friend’s house. The dinner was intended to replicate the types of things Slovakians ate for Christmas dinner, the biggest feast of the year, in the late nineteenth century since one of the hosts’ grandfather was Slovakian. One of the main courses was cabbage inside bread, like a calzone. The other dish was a fish, which was very luxurious for Slovakians back then since Slovakia is land-locked. There were Catholic wafers for people to eat that symbolize Jesus Christ, and honey to put onto those since the wafers are some type of pressed, processed rice that taste more like cardboard than bread. There was also hay underneath each corner of the tablecloth, to symbolize the manger in which Jesus was born.

Anyway, my point is that a lot of people who have a good calorie intake to not gain weight and are otherwise healthy (they do not eat too much sugar and stay away from greasy foods with lots of transfat) still do not get all the vitamins they need. I am sure my employee’s friend’s ancestors in Slovakia were a lot less overweight than we are today in America and almost none of them had diabetes, but they ate such bland foods that were too dependent on flour and wheat products that they did not get very many vitamins. Even the cabbage in that meat did not provide very much vitamin A since it was very white. The fish provided vitamin D but it was a delicacy for Slovakian farmers at the time so it was definitely not something they ate with every meal. Furthermore, families at the time were very large since contraception was not widespread and was especially not used among Catholic families so even when delicacies like that fish were to be had, it is unlikely that each person would get their own share. Furthermore, unless you farmed near a fish-filled lake or river, it might take hours to go to the market so you’d only get a fish if you were going there anyway, since the family could not afford to lose one or more of its members’ labor.

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