About Us

Let me tell you how Leaf of Life Vitamins came about. After more than 30 years as a nurse working with patients to maintain quality in their lives while helping them to regain good health, I found myself wanting to pursue a higher quality of life for myself and others.

I had an opportunity to study massage therapy and with the encouragement of my children, I entered massage school and became a massage therapist.

I moved closer to my oldest daughter and grandchildren in the fall of 1996. My youngest daughter also moved to the area leaving my son, brothers, sisters and parents in the northeast. I continued my nursing on a part time basis while establishing my massage practice. At the same time, my interest in the body mind spirit connection and how it affects our quality of life here on this earth was rekindled.

Then, by fate, Urban and I met and began a new chapter of our lives. Herbal supplements became an interest of ours when Urban found an ayurvedic herbal supplement called Gourdin which helped him lower his blood sugar level into the normal range and made it possible for his MD to stop two prescription medications which had potentially dangerous side effects. The research into the uses of other herbal products and essential oils led us to the idea for this website.

In searching for a name to represent our philosophy, we realized that the modern-day plantations here in the southeast paralleled our ideals. The plantations of our area have provided a healthy refuge for wildlife with all the best natural foods and an optimal environment which allows them to thrive and flourish. These plantations were a place for their owners to spend times of renewal.

Most of us have hectic lifestyles and find it difficult to make time to take care of ourselves as we need to. Herbal supplements and natural nontoxic products are small but important parts of that optimal lifestyle. The products, information and suggestions offered here are submitted for your consideration based on our philosophy. We are “Committed to a higher quality of life and well being.”

We encourage you to educate yourself about your health challenges and about both alternative therapies and traditional medical treatment so that you are able to make an informed decision. We offer only those products that we feel can be beneficial to you because our reputation and your confidence in us are of the utmost importance.